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Having over twenty years in the field of Accounting, including private enterprises and more than ten years with a billion dollar semiconductor company in San Jose, California, Mr. Martorello has a diverse knowledge background in Payables, Receivables, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Other financial skills incorporate Point of Sales and Inventory reporting analysis, data collection and entry plus procedure and process document writing and customer service. Mr. Martorello retired from the semiconductor industry after completing a more than one-year software migration project from a legacy system to a BaaN software platform for reporting worldwide Point of Sales and Inventory.

Prior to his transfer to the financial side of business, Mr. Martorello's career spanned more than ten years in Material Management and Operations in several startup businesses in the electronics and computer industries. The skills acquired through these years included raw and assembled inventory material planning, scheduling and purchasing. Also, production floor product planning and scheduling including Bill of Materials creation and maintenance. Other related skills acquired were Assembly, Production Test and internal control procedure document writing plus production line assembly and field service product installation.

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